Friday, December 27, 2013

There are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes By Robert Jacoby

I really enjoyed this story, Richard is truly a character with many layers, and a lot of inner conflict. I found some of the situations he got himself into very funny. The outcome was not always what he expected it to be. Especially when he went into the women's ward. I also loved when Eugene, Vic, Richard, and Philip went out on the town and Eugene really wanted a hot dog. That was really funny. All the scenes in the book were not funny though. When Richard was talking about what happened at the lake when he was a child it really pulled at my heart strings. All in all Robert Jacoby really can spin a great story, the situations he created were true to life. The end of the story was amazing and really a twist on the entire plot, and it really made me think. I would love to read more of this amazing author's work.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Species Intervention Series Anthology Books 1-3

JK Accinni is a talented word artist whose books are thought provoking and really draw you in. It is easy to fall in love with her characters. I am a huge fan of this author who you can really see puts her heart and soul into these books. She is incredibly insightful as to the way the world may end. I only hope we have a womb to save us when the time comes. The first book is such a tear jerker I fell in love with Netty and Baby in particular. I found myself screaming NO at the sheriff. Echo is a very beloved character to be, she is beautifully written and such a pure character. If you are looking for an amazing story that draws you in these books are definitely your ticket to a great read. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The One By JK Accinni

** spoiler alert ** With every ending there's a beginning. That's nothing new for the survivors of the day of the bombs. I was so impressed with this wonderful series. Each and every one of the books in the series is very hard to put down and The One is no different. I found myself drawn into the new world that the survivors entered after leaving the womb. Things were revealed that I had suspected but had no proof of, JK Accinni keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat right until the end. You could never get too comfortable because amazing plot twists kept you guessing. Throughout the whole species series the characters were so well developed and defined. A motley assortment of survivors who come together to work together to save the animals of the earth. So many secrets were finally revealed in the book and it was so cool to see where each of the survivors' stories led them and where they ended. If I had to say anything bad about this book is that JK Accinni killed some characters and that made me sad There was a flawless transition from storyline to storyline until the lines intersected and wove together beautifully. The final moments were amazing and so poignant. She ended the story perfectly, I'm hoping for more from these survivors. Maybe one day. JK Accini is such a beloved author to me. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Shack by William P Young

The Shack was an emotional and spiritual exercise for me. It didn't start that way but eventually morphed into one. I've had trouble walking the path of God because of anger at him for losing my son to SIDS the main character in this book has the same problem but in a different way. The book itself is expertly written and VERY beautiful. The story is a journey back to faith from a man who has lost his faith. I took the same journey many years ago and I take it over and over again. My favorite character was Sarayu she was just written so beautifully. But all the characters were loved in their own way. The judgement scene truly moved me and I don't want to spoil it for you. All in all this is a beautiful book just so wonderful.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gemini Rising by Jessica O'Gorek

To say that I enjoyed Gemini Rising would be an understatement. I found myself drawn into the tangled web of the story and held tight on the edge of my seat! I fell in love with Onyx who is this brutishly beautiful character who does have a heart but it takes a lot to get into his hard shell. I found myself spinning between loving the Gemini or loving the humans each had their own failings that were beautifully brought out as the story went on. I also have a huge respect for the earth, who I believe the mother character was and I loved her she was like an unforgiving god in a way. This story has serious undertones that make you think and touched my heart in ways I didn't think a book could. This is a 10 star book on my list and I know I will be assigning it to my daughter and sons to read, Jessica is such a talented wordstress and she knows how to tell a story for sure!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

James Saves the Moon by Wendy Nystrom

I just read James Saves the Moon by the incredible Wendy Nystrom. It's such a sweet tale of a little boy who learns the value of listening and working together. I loved the illustrations in the story that really bring the characters to life. James is such a precocious and innocent character who learns that all things are not superstitions and that superstitions are meant to be believed. My favorite character was Syvock the member of the Icelandic little people who lives in a pile of rocks near James' house. He is kind of the Jiminy Cricket to James' Peter pan. A conscience who explains that magic is not to be taken lightly because it uses the power of nature and could hurt nature if too much is used. The illustrations of Matthias the dragon are so beautiful, the blue tones in the pictures add to the mental picture I had when reading the story. When the characters worked together to release the moon from where it was stuck on the mountain I was cheering for them, I know that my daughter will love this story and read it again and again. I know I truly enjoyed it. Wendy is a word weaving wonder woman who writes such wonderful, beautiful, fanciful tales that teach great morals, like listening to your friends and cooperation. I would recommend this book to anyone who is young or young at heart. I would happily give this book even more than 5 stars because it's just a wonderful story!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thimble Kisses By Crystal Bozeman Clifton

This is the most sweet little tale of the unconditional love of a child I have ever read. My little 11 year old daughter cried when we read it. The pictures are so accessible to both adults and children, and the story is so precious. I cried too <3 I know some people that are going to get thimble kisses for christmas this year! I hope to read more of Crystals stories and that she keeps them coming.

The Sounds of War Thomas Ferreolus

I'd never used audible before so when I was given the opportunity to listen to the Sounds Of War by Thomas Ferreolus I was hoping for the best. But this is not about my audible experience this is about the best audio book I've ever listened to. The reader himself helped to make the characters "come alive" in my head. The sounds in the story were so true to life, and the situation that the soldiers lived in and experienced were so true. I have family in the military who went to Iraq. Now I know what it must have been like for them, hot, miserable, and possibly frightening. Thomas was such a likeable character, he would be someone that I would hang around with or go out to coffee with if he was a real person. I loved all the characters Thomas Ferreolus created. This book is brilliant, I especially enjoyed the sounds between chapters. Just an excellent excellent book!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The book "My Angel" by Jamie Gibson is an amazing, heart wrenching story about a mother's love for her children and the unspeakable pain in the loss of a child. I had the honor of reading this beautiful, completely honest, amazing story. There were so many moments that had me choked up, especially the delivery of Hailey. I applaud Jamie's choice to get rid of "him" and change her life all for the better. It takes a lot of strength to do that and only true survivors can. Hailey will always have a place in my heart. Not all pregnancies have happy endings, the babies without the happy ending, they are taken to heaven by God himself. Some of the physicians and nurses made me so angry with the way they treated Jamie and baby Hailey. Only with a loss this life changing can a person truly understand. I loved this beautiful story of anger, loss, and hope

Monday, September 2, 2013

Unfound By Christy Sloat


Kayla Hart was loved by some, but not by all. There were whispers she was a witch. However, most chose to believe she was a misguided freak. The sad truth was she was just unpopular and a bit shy. When Kayla went missing, everyone pretended to care.The entire community scoured her small New Jersey town looking for her. Unfortunately, this tragic story has no hero. Kayla's disappearance would remain a mystery. Only she knows why, and what happened the night she became...Unfound.


Christy gave me the opportunity and honor of reading this awesome book before it came out. It made me love a character even more than I loved her in the Brown House and Crimson Key. I could so identify with Kayla, for all intents and purposes she WAS me. Hearing and seeing the story through her eyes was so beautiful. Seeing the gorgeous soul of this complicated character was just so very real to me. Christy really gets to the "heart" of her characters and you can see the story taking place around you and feel everything that the characters are feeling. She's such a talented word weaver and I can't wait to read the next book in the series "The White Door." The Brown House series of books is so entrancing and riveting. Its just an awesome series of books and is in my short list of favorites I would recommend to ANYONE looking for an awesome read!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Reborn by Casse Narome 5 Stars!

The Reborn The Book of DainThe Reborn The Book of Dain by Casse NaRome
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To say I loved this book would be an understatement. The Reborn had me riveted right from the start! I read this book in 2 hrs! I loved how the characters were introduced and how the story evolved. I especially loved the evolution of Dylan/Dain and the inner conflict in his character. Cassie is an amazing author who really knows how to keep a reader turning pages. I wanted to know every twist and turn in this story! This is a book I would recommend to anyone! This was just an awesome read with characters I absolutely adored.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Becoming PVT Harmon by Casey Sean Harmon FIVE STARS! This was a great read! It was an honest and candid view of one soldier's journey through basic training. I truly loved the way that Casey kept his faith in God the whole time, and how he shared the presence of God's love with others by praying with them. I know that he turned out to be a great Chaplain's assistant. It was admirable that he would not swear, (only when he stubbed his toe!) not many men can do that. The journal is completely from the heart and is just an amazing view of something only those who have gone through it can understand. This books is very special and should be given to each person entering the military or those that are considering it. I truly truly enjoyed it. I have true respect and a soft place for Casey for sharing his story and for the honesty it shows. It was a book I couldn't put down. I laughed with him and cried with him and wanted to hug him a few times! Thank you for sharing your amazing and incredible journal with us!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review of Dream Family by JJ DiBenedetto

Review of Dream Family by JJ Debenedetto I just had the privilege of reading Dream Family by J.J. DiBenedetto and I must say this is one that really takes you into the head of the character. JJ was so descriptive that you felt like you were living in the story! Sara is very endearing as a character and I had so much sympathy for her in the beginning. The jail sequences and dream sequences were amazing and so true to life. I would have to literally force myself to put this book down because I would get caught up in the story. My favorite character was 5 year old Lizzie I must say. I loved her innocence and to the pointedness that reminds me of my daughter. JJ is an excellent writer and this is actually the first book from his set that I have read and it is wonderful even if it was a standalone. I went into the dream sequences he wrote and thought Holy Jeepers whats going to happen next! All in all this is a very entertaining and interesting story that I truly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Armageddon Cometh by J.K. Accinni

Armageddon cometh the third in the species series by JK Accini is a marvelous riveting book that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its incredible twists and turns and even more amazing revelations. Once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down. Incredible, amazing, riveting, I just can't say enough great things about this book!

Echo By J.K. Accinni

I just had the pleasure of reading Echo by J.K. Accinni. It's the year 2033 and Echo has found a family. The always endearing and very literal Echo is the spitting image of her father "Baby." She first befriends and makes a lasting bond with a dog named Barney. Then we meet Barney's family Jose, Scotty, and Abby who is a terminally ill teenager living in the projects which seem to be growing every day. The 3 are brought together through difficult circumstances but form a beautiful and loving family. This wonderful story follows their journey of discovery, through good and bad times, strange and amazing times, then through terror and salvation. This is an amazing read that really draws you into a world where hope is lost and found. I could read this again and again!

The Frozen By Michel Prince

I had the privilege of reading the book The Frozen by Michel Prince. It was a truly fascinating read that pulled you into the story of angels, demons, normals, and most of the entire love story that unfolded in the middle of a violent struggle between good and evil. Michel has well developed characters that you easily fall in love with as their back-story unfolds. It's a very real world story where one of the main characters is HIV positive and her strength in fighting against her weakness to get what she loves is amazing. I thought that putting the glossary in the beginning of the book was awesome because it really helped you to understand the beings in the books. The love scenes in the book were super hot and let you in on the action! At the end I became a little confused but then as The action played out things became clear. I easily fell in love with Kiri and Nye, the two main characters they were so relatable and well written. The story has an amazing start an action filled middle and a beautiful ending. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Evil Among Us by J.K. Accinni

The fifth in the species series of books Evil Among Us is absolutely a fantastic read. J.K. Accini's story of the survivors of a global apocalypse is a beautiful twisty turny tale of love, lust, faith, hope, and survival. We follow the survivors story as they continue life in the hive adding a new evil character. We see what evil brought into a utopian society does to the society. The story is completely riveting and has so many twists and turns that makes it hard to put the book down. For a first time series author J.K. Accinni has a true gift for storytelling. She weaves words like a gorgeous tapestry. The story is so interesting and beautiful and shows the bonds that have grown between keepers and animals. It's just an incredible beautiful story and I can't wait for her last book. Five +++ stars

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blood Family by Mark Knight Review

I had the privilege of reading Blood Family Quest for the Vampire Key. The book starts out with an awesome and creeptastic scene involving Daniel Black and his father who is a reverend. From that point on the book takes you on a roller coaster ride of excitement, wicked twists, and you easily become a part of the world of the One Family. The author really is "in the head" of his characters. Forget EVERYTHING you knew about vampires this is a new, fresh, and exciting take on the vampire world. The author paints a gorgeous picture in your head of what is going on and I found myself having to say. "Put it down go to bed" and I had to read, just one more chapter.... I really enjoyed where the author took the story and his well planned backstory to Daniel Black and his lineage. My favorite character was the witch woman Xochil. She was wicked awesome, wise, strong, and what Daniel needed to bring him to control his 1/2 vampire side. I like the look that the author described of the vampires themselves and how they obtained their power. The author creates strong and varied characters and is super talented. I will be a big fan of Mark Knight from now on! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Christy Sloat's Amazing book The Crimson Key

Awesome book! The Crimson Key by Christy Sloat - What a flippin amazing book! There were so many edge of your seat and scary moments woven together by the amazing and talented word whisperer Christy Sloat. Christy gave me the honor of being a beta reader for her it was an honor and a privilege to read this book. It pulled you into the story and never let you go. Brylee's character was so strong of heart and she never let herself be shaken by the spirits. She had a strong resolve and is such an awesome leading lady. I wish this series could be made into a movie. It's just the right amounts of action, romance, and HOLY C**P moments! Christy is such a talented wordsmith weaving a story in earnest and seamlessly going from one book to the next without skipping a beat. This is a book I would read over and over again! I can't wait for the next one. Its an amazing story series I have come to love and it makes me want more more and more. Her characters are so beautifully painted and crafted and designed to make you love them. Even the names are wonderful and describe the characters to a tee. Christy is a truly gifted writer and I will be her fan for always and her friend forever. I can't wait for her next one! Hurry Up Christy!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Symphoni by TM Scott

The author gave me the amazing honor of reading her book and what a phenomenal book it was. She has such a gift to pull you into the mind of the main character Greg. A woman writing in a man's mind is tough enough but to do it as flawlessly as she does it requires a certain gift that is rare among writers. The story of Symphoni and Greg was so awesome how as he falls in love with her the earth shakes and the clouds roll. Yep that's Greg's love for Symphoni. But his love is wanted by many, Jazzmine, MJ, Symphoni, and Kassandra and he feels a pull towards all of them. Which will he choose? You will have to find out as the story unravels in this amazing book that is VERY hard to put down! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review J K Accinni's The Hive

Lee Ryder Oh why oh why do you torment me Ms. Accinni! I just finished the amazing book Hive and you make me want more and more and more from your amazing plot twists and turns to the raveling and unraveling of your characters. You are so talented and I love this book!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby - J.K. Accinni

I had the joy of reading J.K. Accinni's book Baby. The book itself pulled me in and it only took me 3 days to read because I kept forever getting lost in the story. I love the portrayal of Netty and how she goes from a caterpillar to a butterfly with the help of the amazing Baby. I could imagine baby trotting along behind Netty everywhere she went and I was just so very enthralled with his character. He was truly amazing. How he had unending and relentless love for Netty and then for Wil. I like how his demeanor changed when he was with the two different characters and how they formed a family where again beautiful things come from a damaged past. I especially like how Baby was the "protector" of the kittens that touched my heart and really showed the heart of Baby himself. Ms. Accinni is a very talented wordsmith and you can tell her heart was in this book fully heart and soul. I would read this again and again and if I could give it stars they would be infinite because I loved this story so very much! I can't wait to move on to Echo which is sitting right beside me as I type.

The Unraveling of Avery Snow By Christy Sloat

I just finished reading The Unraveling of Avery Snow. It's 3:30 AM and my heart is so warm and happy. I'm a huge AS fan already but the way the story moved and the progression of events leading to the ultimate ending is breathtaking. I am sad to see Avery go but I know that this is not the last we've heard of Christy Sloat. The story pulls you in and really puts you in Avery's shoes. You can see hear and smell everything that is going on around Avery. You can feel the love she has for her friends. Avery's a complicated woman just being, loving Dallas but feeling Landon's pull on her as her soulmate. It tears you apart as her whole world unravels around her, but then is re formed and new and beautiful. As far as happy endings go. I love the ending that was brought to Avery, Ianni, Kerri, Dallas, and of course Landon. Even Lillith has her own ending. It's a beautiful book beautifully written and completely understood from the heart of the amazing author.