Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The unladylike explicative that burst from my lips upon the realization that this book was over says it all. However it is not a word used in polite company and I will therefore leave it to your imagination. This book is an edge of your seat kind of incredible ride unlike any others you have taken before. The range of the cast of characters is immense and includes werewolves, faeries, necromancers, and an occasional god or two amongst many many more. I have no idea how Asher keeps up with this crazy cast or how they all live peaceably in his head.

This book is catnip for the imagination with its intricate descriptions of the characters, the battles, and the death of a beloved character which I will obviously not reveal because I don't want to spoil it for you. This book is truly a work of art for the mind of the reader.

All of the characters are so well developed with extensive and unique back stories which could really appear into novelettes with a snap of Asher's fingers (HINT HINT) These characters are a beautiful representation of an amazing world created by the mind of an incredibly gifted wordsmith who is very dedicated to his craft. I would love to hang out with these guys if it were magically possible.
If you are into syfy, adventure, fantasy, world of warcraft, gaming, dungeons and dragons, mythology, or if you just really want a good action packed read with a touch of comedy woven through it then this is absolutely the book for you. I will further go on to say, that this book is an awesome read for anyone.

Wolves and The River Stone by Eric Asher

Oh Phillip Phillip Phillip....What can I say. You are friggin evil. This book takes you down the rabbit hole of necromancer depravity with the evil Phillip wreaks on the world. There are poignant moments and funny moments and moments that make you want to shake someone and say what are you thinking man? As always Vesik is ready to come in with his motley cast of characters to save the day. (wouldn't you want to rescue your mother from an evil necromancer? just sayin...) I am truly an Asherite in my love for these books. I love that there's a warmth of family woven through this as well as comedy to break up all the darkness in this book. Eric's artistry for character creation is unmatched and the characters are amazing and intricate, unique, and beautiful and well crafted in every way. His story line is complex with lots of twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.