Friday, December 27, 2013

There are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes By Robert Jacoby

I really enjoyed this story, Richard is truly a character with many layers, and a lot of inner conflict. I found some of the situations he got himself into very funny. The outcome was not always what he expected it to be. Especially when he went into the women's ward. I also loved when Eugene, Vic, Richard, and Philip went out on the town and Eugene really wanted a hot dog. That was really funny. All the scenes in the book were not funny though. When Richard was talking about what happened at the lake when he was a child it really pulled at my heart strings. All in all Robert Jacoby really can spin a great story, the situations he created were true to life. The end of the story was amazing and really a twist on the entire plot, and it really made me think. I would love to read more of this amazing author's work.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Species Intervention Series Anthology Books 1-3

JK Accinni is a talented word artist whose books are thought provoking and really draw you in. It is easy to fall in love with her characters. I am a huge fan of this author who you can really see puts her heart and soul into these books. She is incredibly insightful as to the way the world may end. I only hope we have a womb to save us when the time comes. The first book is such a tear jerker I fell in love with Netty and Baby in particular. I found myself screaming NO at the sheriff. Echo is a very beloved character to be, she is beautifully written and such a pure character. If you are looking for an amazing story that draws you in these books are definitely your ticket to a great read. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The One By JK Accinni

** spoiler alert ** With every ending there's a beginning. That's nothing new for the survivors of the day of the bombs. I was so impressed with this wonderful series. Each and every one of the books in the series is very hard to put down and The One is no different. I found myself drawn into the new world that the survivors entered after leaving the womb. Things were revealed that I had suspected but had no proof of, JK Accinni keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat right until the end. You could never get too comfortable because amazing plot twists kept you guessing. Throughout the whole species series the characters were so well developed and defined. A motley assortment of survivors who come together to work together to save the animals of the earth. So many secrets were finally revealed in the book and it was so cool to see where each of the survivors' stories led them and where they ended. If I had to say anything bad about this book is that JK Accinni killed some characters and that made me sad There was a flawless transition from storyline to storyline until the lines intersected and wove together beautifully. The final moments were amazing and so poignant. She ended the story perfectly, I'm hoping for more from these survivors. Maybe one day. JK Accini is such a beloved author to me. I can't wait to see what she does next.