Sunday, October 19, 2014

Defeating Depression: A Natural Guide to Overcoming Depression, Fear, and How to Improve Your Quality of Life By Brian Score

This book is a concise guide to helping the average joe deal with clinical depression. I found it very informative, the tips were easy to understand as well as the explanations for the tips. The book was excellent and I will use some of the tips Brian offers in my daily life. He explains the importance of diet, exercise, and having a good support system which are all good pointers to keeping depression at bay. He also asks that you challenge the depressed feelings and what is causing them and I found that extremely interesting. While it was a quick read it was super informative and I enjoyed it.

The Medical Marijuana Patient's Guide By Brian Stone

This was a very interesting book full of facts on the uses of cannabis for the treatment of various diseases. Before I read this I was unaware of how many different strains of cannabis there were and how they are differently utilized for the treatment of diseases like Cancer, Fibromyalgia, and MS. Mr. Stone also puts the usages into layman's terms that everyone can understand. He explains the different active chemicals in cannabis like cannabinoids and THC and their effects on the bodies of human beings. I found this book very informative and interesting in so many ways. I myself suffer from Fibromyalgia and I was unaware of the use of Marijuana for its treatment. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to know anything about Marijuana's medicinal uses and those who are beginning treatment with the drug.