Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review of Dream Family by JJ DiBenedetto

Review of Dream Family by JJ Debenedetto I just had the privilege of reading Dream Family by J.J. DiBenedetto and I must say this is one that really takes you into the head of the character. JJ was so descriptive that you felt like you were living in the story! Sara is very endearing as a character and I had so much sympathy for her in the beginning. The jail sequences and dream sequences were amazing and so true to life. I would have to literally force myself to put this book down because I would get caught up in the story. My favorite character was 5 year old Lizzie I must say. I loved her innocence and to the pointedness that reminds me of my daughter. JJ is an excellent writer and this is actually the first book from his set that I have read and it is wonderful even if it was a standalone. I went into the dream sequences he wrote and thought Holy Jeepers whats going to happen next! All in all this is a very entertaining and interesting story that I truly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone!