Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Book Review Gates to Tangier By Mois Benarroch

I really enjoyed reading this book, the writing in the book is very formal so it can be daunting but once you get into the swing of the language it's easy to read. There are point of view switches between the characters which some readers don't like, but in my opinion I think it really adds to the characters and depth of the story. I particularly like that there is a point of view for the dead brother, I really like seeing his take and his story in this book as well. He is mentioned often and  in high regard which is so special.

There are also wonderful little vignettes between chapters that lighten up the mood of the book and are inspirational and beautiful. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole book. Those little nuggets of beauty between the chapters.

My favorite character was the little sister because she really had the heart of the family in mind. She was so special and so amazing in so many ways and always had very deep and beautiful thoughts about things that were acknowledged by the family.

There was a twist in the story that was TOTALLY unexpected and lends so much to the plot changing that it really had me turning pages after and made it hard to put down. (literally I read the last half of this book in one sitting). It's such a good story and I hope that Mr. Benarroch continues the story because it's riveting and where he left off definitely hints at more.

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About the Author:

Mois Benarroch is one of the most enigmatic figures in today's world literature. Born in Morocco, his writings are rooted in the country's landscapes and history; as a Sephardi Jew he travels the world of Jewish literature; and as in Israeli living in Jerusalem he incorporates the day to day life and politics of his country. A prolific novelist and poet who writes in three languages he never sets for one secure path and is always exploring new ways to make his literature a fresh one with a long time vision.
His poetry is one of compassion, social-political fight, and human. Multicultural by force, where others take multiculturalism as an idea, his life is forced to live within cultures. His novels take us from literary travel, to science-fiction, time travel back and forth, and a view that encompasses the past and the future, the relationships between Jews and Muslims, the life within cultures and the tragic fate of Christian-Jewish relations, always living a place for hope a belief in better days to come. 

Known mainly as a poet in the English language world, thanks to a massive support from independent writers many of his novels are seeing light in English. Gates to Tangier, The Cathedral, Muriel, the Nobel Prize, Lucena, Raque Says (Something Entirely Unexpected), have been published in 2015 and many more are on their way in the next year.

A best-selling novelist in Spain, an award winning poet in Israel, and often featured in the bestselling list of poetry books sold in amazon, now is the time to discover this old new writer with more than 30 books to his name. 

Mois Benarroch was born in 1959, and has been awarded with the prestigious Amichay poetry prize in 2012. 

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